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Titleholders from 1991 to Present


1991 – Philip Rubin
1992 – Bob Donaldson
1993 – Chris Mueller
1994 – Jose Granda
1995 – David Cowan
1996 – Daniel Sonnfeld
1997 – Patrick Richardson
1998 – Danny Carbonell
1999 – Bob Rourke
2000 – Buck Rogers
2001 – Alan ‘SPO’ Schwartz
2002 – William ‘BAM’ Coleman
2003 – Juan Zazueta
2004 – Paul O’Rourke
2005 – Michael Ratzlaff
2006 – Steve Kennedy
2007 – Jerry Garmany
2008 – Sir “Y”
2009 – Terry Morrell
2010 – Terry Morrell
2011 – Sir Justin
2012 –
2013 –
2014 –


1996 – Cool Cat
1997 –
1998 – Susan Gonazles
1999 –
2000 – Black C
2001 – Black X
2002 –
2003 – Renata Millet
2004 – Stephanie Juge
2005 – Leather Cat
2006 – Leather Cat
2007 –
2008 –
2009 –
2010 – Val Sherrill
2011 – Val Sherrill
2012 –
2013 –
2014 –


2005 – boy alex
2006 – boy b
2007 – boy b
2008 – boy taz
2009 – boy taz
2010 –
2011 – boy david
2012 – boy richard
2013 – boy richard
2014 –

Contests from 1991 to Present

1991 – Dallas, TX
“Country & Western”
MC: Larry Warnow
Contestants: 15
IMDL: Philip Rubin
First Runner Up: Victor Magide
Second Runner Up: Jose Granda

1992 – Baltimore, MD
” ”
MC: Steve Kennedy & Jan Lyons
Contestants: 6
IMDL: Bob Donaldson
First Runner Up: Jeff Barrett
Second Runner Up: Marvin Evrink

1993 – Los Angeles, CA
“LA Airline”
MC: Gerry Reyes
Contestants: 4
IMDL: Chris Meuller
First Runner Up: Rachid
Second Runner Up: Danny Nelson

1994 – New York City, NY “Stonewall” MC: Bob Donaldson and Philip Rubin Contestants: 8 IMDL: Jose Granda First Runner Up: Mark Cairns Second Runner Up: Victor Magide

1995 – Montreal, Canada
MC: Philip Rubin & Bob Donaldson
Contestants: 8
IMDL: David Cowan
First Runner Up: Patrick McCarthy

1996 – Chicago, IL
“Construction Workers”
MC: Jose Granda
Contestants: 6
IMrDL: Daniel Sonnenfeld
IMsDL: Cool Cat

1997 – Kansas City, KS
“The Leather of Oz”
MC: Barbara
Contestants: 7
IMrDL: Patrick Richardson
IMsDL: Cool Cat
First Runner Up: Paul O’Rourke
Second Runner Up: William ‘BAM’ Coleman

1998 – Denver, CO
“Wild, Wild West”
MC: Clayton Valli & Alan ‘SPO’
Contestants: 7
IMrDL: Danny Carbonel
IMsDL: Susan Gonzales
First Mr. Runner Up: Jeff Dell
Second Mr. Runner Up: Steven Mayers
First Ms. Runner Up: Susan Byrd

1999 – New Orleans, LA
“Mardi Gras”
MC: Philip Wolfee & Alan ‘SPO’
Contestants: 5
IMrDL: Bob Rourke
First Mr. Runner Up: Chuck Putvin
Second Mr. Runner Up: Chris Hall

2000 – San Francisco, CA
“Gold Rush”
MC: Alan ‘SPO’
Contestants: 4
IMrDL: Buck Rogers
IMsDL: Carla ‘Black C’ Masi
First Mr. Runner Up: John Roades
Second Mr. Runner Up: Steven Mayers

2001 – Seattle, WA
“NW Camping”
MC: Bob Donaldson
Contestants: 7
IMrDL: Alan ‘SPO’
IMsDL: Black X
First Mr. Runner Up: Dennis Hart
Second Mr. Runner Up: Alex James
First Ms. Runner Up: Gigi Doran

2002 – Washington, DC
” ”
Contestants: 3
IMrDL: William ‘BAM’ Coleman
First Mr. Runner Up: Doug Dickson
Second Mr. Runner Up: Dennis Hart

2003 – Orlando, FL
“Discovery of Florida by Ponce De Leon”
MC: Jose Granda
IMrDL: Juan Zazueta
IMsDL: Renata Millet
First Mr. Runner Up: Jerry Garmany
2nd Mr. Runner Up: Jerome ‘Jer’ Sebolt

2004 – Dallas, TX
” ”
IMrDL: Paul ‘Teddy’ O’Rourke
IMsDL: Stephanie Juge
First Runner Up: Jeff Barrett

2005 – Washington, D.C.
“We, the Bear and Leather People…”
MC: Carla ‘Black C’ Masi
Contestants: 6
IMrDL: Michael Ratzlaff
IMsDL: Crystal Sisk aka Leather Cat
IDLboy: Alex ‘boy alex’ Leffers
First Mr. Runner Up: Jerome ‘Jer’ Sebolt
Second Mr. Runner up: David
First Ms. Runner up: Maria Hernandez

2006 – San Diego, CA
“15th Anniversary”
MC: Sheryl Dee and Tony Daverso
Contestants: 6
IMrDL: Steve Kennedy
IMsDL: Crystal ‘Leather Cat’ Sisk
IDLboy: boy b
First Mr. Runner Up: Marc ‘Y’ Burton

2007 – Atlanta, GA
MC: Patrick Richardson
Contestants: 3
IMrDL: Jerry Garmany
IDLboy: boy b

2008 – Philadelphia, PA
MC: Patrick Richardson
Contestants: 2
IMrDL: Sir “Y”
IDLboy: boy taz

2009 – Chicago, IL
“Let’s Start a 2nd Great Chicago Fire”
MC: Jose Granda
Contestants: 2
IMrDL: Terry Morrell
IDLboy: boy taz

2010 – Las Vegas, NV
“Viva Leather Vegas”
MC: boy alex
Contestants: 1
IMrDL:Terry Morrell
IMsDL:Val Sherrill

2011 – Denver, CO
“IDL Family Continues to Grow…”
MC: Jose Granda and Bob Donaldson
Contestants: 3
IMrDL: Sir Justin
IMsDL: Val Sherrill
IDLboy: boy david

2012 – Baltimore, MD
“Leather More…We Show You our Charm!>”
MC: Lillith Grey
Contestants: 1
IDLboy: boy richard

2013 – Montreal, Canada
“Deaf Leather Villiage”
MC: Michel Turgeon
Contestants: 0

Contest Events from 1991 to Present


In Chicago, IL, the National Leather Association Conference created a task force for Deaf leather people. Michael Felts chaired a small group named “NLA: Deaf Chapter”. The co-founders who established the yet-to-be International Deaf Leather were: Michael Felts, Philip Rubin, Bob Donaldson, Rolf Hagton, Jim Dunne, Bobby Andrascik and Charles Wilkinson.


NLA: Deaf Chapter renamed to International Deaf Leather (IDL). The International Mr. Deaf Leather Contest made its debut in Dallas, TX. Philip Rubin became the first in history to win the IDL title.


IDL held its second contest in Baltimore, MD.


Los Angeles, CA was the site of the third IDL competition. At age 22, Chris Meuller of Berlin, Germany became the youngest ever to win the IDL title


The fourth IDL contest took place in New York City, NY.


Montreal, Canada hosted the fifth IDL contest.


For the sixth competition in Chicago, IL, IDL inaugurated the first International Ms. Deaf Leather (IMsDL) contest – won by Cool Cat.


The seventh IDL contest was held in Kansas City, KS.


Danny Carbonell and Susan Gonazlez were IMDL and IMsDL winners, respectively, during the eighth IDL competition, which was held in Denver, CO.


IDL held its ninth contest in New Orleans, Louisiana.


San Francisco, CA was the site of the 10th IDL contest.


Seattle, WA was the host of the 11th IDL contest.


IDL came to Washington, DC for its 12th annual event.


IDL visited Orlando, FL for it next event.


IDL booted up in Dallas, TX for it’s 14th annual event.


We, the Bear and Leather People… visited Washington, DC again.


San Diego, CA was getting ready for IDL.


IDL hosted 17th IDL Contest Event in Atlanta, GA.


City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection took place in Philadelphia where IDL 2008 Event was held.


Chicago Firefighters were not happy with IDL for starting the 2nd Great Fire!


IDL invaded Las Vegas as same time as DeafNation Expo!!


IDL celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a theme “IDL Family Continues To Grow…” held in Denver. IDL respectfully honored a long history of the titleholders.


Charm City showed its charm with the theme “Leather < More…We Show You Our Charm” when IDL came to host its 21st Anniversary in Baltimore.


IDL returned to Montreal for the first time since 1995 by hosting a theme called “Deaf Leather Village”. For the first time, there was no contest held, but there were some excellent shows on the stage.